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Breathe Chelsea


Breathe Chelsea is a unique Chelsea website that provides Chelsea supporters with a wide-range of blue content. Be it the latest news, or an opinion piece on topical affairs Breathe Chelsea will ensure the best possible coverage is provided. The website was set with one goal, one aspiration in mind to create a unified community of Chelsea supporters. In order to amass this following, Breathe Chelsea have utilised several social media platforms to secure the most diverse support possible.The intention is to grow and develop into the leading Chelsea website, and in order to realise this dream the owners have gathered the best possible team to provide you with continuous content. Each individual is entrusted with their specified responsibility to certify that their website covers every possible angle.We aim to bring our beautiful club closer to your hearts and homes, and we hope to intensify your bond with Chelsea Football Club. Our thoughts are distributed through the website, and we’re very eager to see your thoughts shared via our forum service. As a team, we acknowledge that many passionate supporters aren’t fortunate enough to attend fixtures at Stamford Bridge, therefore we aim to empower you with a voice and a connection to Chelsea FC.